Interesting Stories

Funny thing about AMD Installation Center, your shop gives you a number, mine was CH-657. However your treated like an old friend or a buddy. Kirk and Craig you guys treat people well and make all the tin worms go away. One can't ask for more.
“ Thanks, Captain James E. Huston”

Watch Us Work On Brian's 68 Camaro

Front of Brian's 1968 before Brian brought us a car with its own unique story; he built and painted it himself, including mini-tubs, at the cost of many, many hours of labor. So why did the car wind up at AMD Installation Center? One rain slickedBrian's 1968 Camaro After morning on a highway in Virginia the car was tapped from behind and sent spinning into the barrier wires in the center median. With all four corners of the car damaged, Brian just couldn’t bear the thought of doing it all over again, plus he already had other projects in the works begging for his time. We were happy to supply our time and expertise in helping Brian iron out the creases in the pretty 1968 Camaro he had built.