Chrysler Fans

Our Chrysler program is really starting to take off. The big leg up has been the large influx of new parts arriving every week. This is allowing us to build cars that were once only considered donor cars.


Chevelle Fans

Good News  for all of you Chevelle fans out there. We are restarting our "A" body  line. If you own a 1966-72 Chevelle and need help, look no further, we are here to help.


New & Cool

Our fab shop is doing specialty metal work from smooth firewalls formed in metal to shaving the outside of the car, and much, much more. We can do it all - Give us a call. Just like the rest of our work, the cars that come into our shop are finished in a very timely manner. Remember, we are the shop that built 75 cars in 2007, and as always, No Up Front Money. It just makes since to let the pros that cut & weld every day handle your special metal working needs.