How do I schedule an Appointment?

You may call us at 706-348-6653 Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. EST to schedule an appointment.  We also encourage you to take a look at our Make an Appointment page and to also look over our Price Lists, both on this site.

How do I get my car to you?

Feel free to contact us concerning professional car haulers.  If you are using your own trailer you are welcome to park it here until you pick your car up.

What condition should my car arrive in?

Please look over our Make an Appointment page as most of the information that you will need can be found there, also note the following:

Cars requiring firewalls or a full floor build will need to have the following items removed:

  • Engine, transmission, drive shaft and radiator

  • Fuel tanks and fuel lines

  • Glass

  • Brake boosters, masters and lines

  • Heater Boxes and cores, instruments and dash pads

Cars that require only a back half build are not required to strip the front half of the car. Feel free to call for more information.

Do you work on anything other than 67– 69 Camaros

We are pleased to announce that we have returned 66-72 Novas to our program.  We are also working on a program for 68-70 Mopar ‘B’ bodies and 70-74 Mopar ‘E’ bodies which we hope to introduce this spring.

Do you put on patch panels, lower quarters, door bottoms etc.?

While we will do some limited patch work on floor pans we do not use patch panels on the exterior body surfaces.  Using complete factory style panels results in a body that is restored and not patched.

Do you do collision work?

We do not do collision work as such; However, we have worked on several Camaros that were either collision damaged in the past or recently and have rectified that damage as part of installing the body panels.  We still do not do any body work or paint.

What if I need something that isn't on the price list?

We have only tried to cover the most common body parts on our price lists and in fact do install many other parts when required; please call 706-348-6653 for assistance.

What about media blasting my car?

If you feel that it is necessary to have your body media blasted in order to properly assess the amount of damage involved then it is probably a good idea to do so.  If; however, you have a body that you know is severely rust damaged then there is no point in blasting panels that are going to be discarded anyway.  Please call for advice.

Do you do body and paint work or restorations?

Restoring body shells is our only business.