About Us

If you are a longtime reader of Super Chevy magazine then you were first introduced to us as Metal Finish USA.  Since building the highly acclaimed Goodmark Chevelle, which was featured in many Super Chevy articles, we have changed our name to C. Hopkins Rod & Custom.  From the beginning it has always been our policy to minimize the use of body fillers through the use of superior craftsmanship and properly installed body panels.  Both the Goodmark Chevelle and the 1970 Goodmark Camaro had their body panels installed here at C. Hopkins Rod & Custom and both cars have been shown across the nation to much critical acclaim.  In our years of experience in the field of muscle cars and rods we have learned that the most difficult thing to find is a really good panel installer and one reason for this is lack of repetition.  It takes a lot of repetition to figure out exactly how to install aftermarket panels successfully.  C. Hopkins Rod & Custom pioneered the first facility dedicated to just installing full factory style body panels on 1967-1969 Camaros (and now 1966-1972 Novas).  We brought you AMDInstallations.com and with it opened up a new alternative to waiting forever to get a car done and wondering how much it would cost, not to mention what really is underneath all of that primer.


Craig Hopkins Owner/Founder of C. Hopkins Rod & Custom and AMDInstallation.com

As a teenager Craig Hopkins began training as a machinist and went on to work in the automotive field as a mechanic, engine builder, body man, painter and rod builder.  In addition to building the two Goodmark show cars mentioned above Craig has been the subject of several magazine articles and is currently featured in the Hot Rod How to Series DVD.  With over 35 years experience Craig truly has the ability to solve the technical problems associated with getting aftermarket body panels to fit properly.


Kirk Hopkins General Manager

Kirk brings over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry to the front office, and his background in areas such as manufacturing, production, human resources and customer relations is invaluable in creating a professional business that is customer driven.


Chris Dyer, Jeff Kipfmueller, Cesar Briseno, Nick Smith and Denise Hopkins

These valued individuals make up a labor force with years of experience and automotive knowledge.  Chris and Jeff, who have been with us virtually from the start, both have street rod and hot rod backgrounds which allows them to apply the craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets our business apart. In addition to making sure that you get the best body panel installation possible these individuals also keep the parts straight, document the jobs and make sure that the whole process goes smoothly.



C. Hopkins Rod & Custom is meeting the need for quality body panel installation that is done quickly and at a price that is reasonable.  Our highly skilled and experienced technicians use the latest in state-of-the-art welders and spot welders to build rock solid bodies on precision jigs that we have engineered and purpose built using original factory datum.  In addition we help our suppliers test and fit their products in order to bring you the best replacement body panels possible.  We have added Novas back to our body program for 2008 and will soon be adding Mopar ‘B’ bodies and ‘E’ bodies, so please check back as we add more details and more photos.


Our Mission

Our Mission: “To build the best and strongest bodies possible while achieving the look and fit of the factory original, thereby giving our customers the best possible value.”

Our motto: “When patches won’t do, we have the innovative solutions for you”